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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Registration

  • Please complete all of the fields,
    which are marked with a red star. Check the box next to “I accept the Terms and Conditions of the Online Auction”. Once you have registered, you have to solve a small and easy arithmetic problem.
  • Confirm your registration via email
    Once you have registered, you will receive an email with further instructions and a link that you have to click on.
  • Configure your profile
    If desired, we can inform you via email about new auctions and properties if you enter search terms that interest you or check the box next to “I would like to know when new catalogues are uploaded” or “Subscribe to newsletter”. You can change this setting at any time! Unsubscribing to the newsletter is possible via a link in each of our info-mails. We do not share your data with third parties and you will only receive information about our products.


2. Bid for items
  • Log in and enter your amount on a live auctioned product, then click on “Bid”.
  • The „bid agent“ is automatically activated if you enter a higher amount than the current required bid. This means that the bid agent will automatically place bids for you up to the amount of your maximum offer within the framework of the minimum bid increments stated in the terms and conditions of the auction. In all cases, this bid will only be the amount that is necessary to keep you as highest bidder. You will only lose your position as the highest bidder if another bidder outbids your maximum offer.
    Important: If at least two bidders have bid the same maximum offer, the bidder who bid first will have their bid accepted.
  • Your maximum offer can always be increased. Within the framework of the minimum bid increments stated in the terms and condition of the auction, the bid agent will automatically place bids for you at the auction up to the maximum offer that you entered (see above). You can increase this maximum offer by using the bid function and entering your new maximum offer. To do this, launch the relevant auction and enter your new maximum offer.
    Note: It is not possible to reduce your maximum offer – even if the current bid price is less than your maximum offer.

The minimum bid increments are contained in the table below:

up to 25€ 50€ 100€ 500€ 1.000€ 5.000€ 10.000€ 20.000€ more
Increments 1€ 2€ 5€ 10€ 20€ 50€ 100€ 200€ 500€

Information: On the start page of the respective auctions, you will find information about the viewing appointments and locations of the items.

Important: In accordance with the O-AGB Terms and Conditions of Auction, the bidder is bound to his/her offer until it expires due to a higher bid. Revoking the bid is not possible.

3. Pay and collect
  • After all items of an auction are concluded, we process the results of the auction. You will then find your invoice in the email that you receive after the auction.
  • Upon completion of the auction, you have 48 hours to send us your bank transfer. When completing the transfer, please always specify your invoice number and the name of the auction. You will find our bank details on the invoice and in the email that you receive after the auction. In general, cash, credit cards and checks are not accepted, unless otherwise stated.
  • On the start page of the auction, you will find information on the location of the items and collection arrangements. In general, collection days are specified by us. Please show us your invoice when collecting your items. If you do not receive a message between the end of the auction and collection, your invoice is paid and you will receive your original invoice on-site. Our employees will then lead you to your goods.
  • The purchaser is responsible for removing, loading and transporting the goods. You must take into consideration that there will be no tools or lifting devices available on-site, unless you have been told otherwise beforehand
  • In principle, the items cannot be shipped by us, unless otherwise stated on our website. All auctioned items must be removed from the location within the time period stated on the summary page. For our auctions, fast processing and a timely handing over of the cleared building is more often than not indispensable. If items have not been collected before the predefined clearing date, we will invoice you for the costs incurred in addition to the auctioned items.


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